Book 1: The Soul Swappers
Lennes, also known as the Abyss, is an underground city caressed by the banks of fiery lakes. It has been constructed out of glass and bones, which once have belonged to animals of enormous size and proportion. Lennes has sprawled itself among thousands of underground caves, where each is a unique commonwealth with its own customs and laws. Loud, vibrant, dangerous, and yet ever so attractive. Lennes lures in creatures from all over Enhiarg. Here they can find anything that suites their taste. High-risk dealers find an opportunity to trade with other worlds through living portals. Adventure seekers and lovers of exotic pleasures encounter thrills for every taste. Eccentric philosophers stumble upon hope of finding any loyal followers. And immoral scientists get a chance to finally find a test site for a slew of forbidden experiments.
To young aristocrat Talia the Abyss seemed a perfect place where besides practicing magic she could also acquire the skill of living money and connections free—all wonderful things that her powerful relatives provided her with back home. In this difficult endeavor, Talia is assisted by her natural gift of seeing the unique features of others’ souls. This gift is shared by all representatives of Talia’s feline race. However, everything has a downside, and it is exactly this gift that attracts all sorts of trouble to the girl. This time, someone using all kinds of trickery and lies, tries to make Talia’s employer Tnori, the headmistress of the orphanage, fire the overly discerning girl at all cost. To regain her good name and to find out what kind of danger is looming over the heads of orphanage wards, Talia is ready to take a risk and plunge into the insidious Pools of Dreams of one intelligent mushroom spawn, known as the Somyum…
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Adventure/Detective/Humor
Translated by Natalia Anikina.
Edited by Diana Dallafina.
Cover by Olga “Oma Om” Morozova.
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… And the moment you allow that tiny evil enter your heart, the moment you act in a manner unbefitting your race, the moment you start complaining about life – they will see you. And a woman beast with glowing eyes and sharp fangs will come to you. She will bewitch you with tales that all the evil in you is actually good, and she will drag you away into her den—an abode of vice on the cursed blue star, devoid of warmth and true light, with only hatred and bloodlust to keep you warm. With a cold flame they will burn your soul, stripping it of beauty and nobility, compassion and honor. So foul will your form become that even your friends will begin to hunt you like a beast, for a soulless beast you will be.
Genre: High Fantasy/Spiritual/Adventure
Translated by Mark Berelekhis.
Cover by Olga “Oma” Morozova.
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So, you’ve opened the book, The Cat Who Knew How to Cry, and found yourself in Enhiarg. You quickly found your bearings, figured out what’s what, and now feel like a kid in a candy store. Sound about right? Excellent! Then I’m happy to tell you that I’ve got another treat for you, a delectable one that still packs quite a punch – A Theater for Shadows. I hope you’ll like it!
However, if you found Cat to be a hard nut to crack, you may find this guide beneficial. It will help to make sense of many lingering questions. For instance, how is “soul” different from “spirit”? Who is the Infinite? Are not the Nae divine? Why is the Abyss such a free-for-all? Who are the Alae, Tanae, and so on? And how do you keep from drowning in the vibrant madness of this extraordinary world, anyway?
Happy reading!
Genre: Fantasy
Translated by Mark Berelekhis.
Cover by Irina “HeliacWolf” Kovalova.
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